School Teacher(s) Administrator Project Title Award
FD Roosevelt Elementary Debra Lester,
Ashleigh Loeber
Geri Osterhout
Rhonda Wilson
Shawn Tegethoff Writing Project – iPads and Edmodo $1950
Greenhurst Elementary Caroline Banda
Jamie Gruenberg
Kalene Bales
Jason Hillman Tech in First Grade: Apple TV and iPads $1994
Lone Star Middle SchoolWest Middle School   Gerene Norton Greg HeidemanStefanie Duby Communication Skills in Middle School $695
Nampa High School Fred Johnson Byron Holtry Common Formative Assessments in Biology (Apple TV and iPad)  $690
Nampa High School Corrina Smith Byron Holtry Improving Instruction and Learning in Forensics and Biology (iPad and Apple TV)  $700
Ronald Reagan Elementary  Anthony Haskett
Lindy Clarke
Gregg Russell Increasing Access to Online Learning $1928
Owyhee Elementary Amy Taylor
Anna Hey
Greg Carpenter iPad Intervention $1921